Access to EV charging infrastructure at forefront. Comments should be received by July 15, 2022. 

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is developing a plan to guarantee Mississippian’s and visitors have access to the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with a focus on the connectivity of rural and urban areas.

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is providing dedicated funding to states to deploy Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and establish an interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access and reliability.

Executive Director of MDOT Brad White told Y’all Politics that electric vehicles are on the horizon for transportation infrastructure.

“MDOT is seeking input from the public on where and how we channel potential federal resources to accommodate them as we prepare our long-range plan for them to the Federal Highway Administration,” White said.

In order to receive the allocated funds, MDOT must submit an EV infrastructure deployment plan by August 1, 2022, to the Federal Highway Administration describing the department’s goals and how it intends to use NEVI funds.

The deployment plan will cover areas such as charging infrastructure deployment, existing and future conditions, and public engagement.

MDOT is currently soliciting comments from interested parties for the 2022 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan. To provide input, you can fill out the public opinion survey HERE.

To be considered by MDOT for the 2022 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plan, comments should be received by July 15, 2022. The plan will address statewide connectivity and the deployment of EV charging infrastructure along the interstate system to ensure reliable travel across the state.