The debate is set for June 24 at 7pm on WLOX TV.

There will be a debate in the 4th Congressional District ahead of the June 28th runoff election.

Incumbent Congressman Palazzo issued the debate challenge last Thursday following the Tuesday primary election where he drew 32% of the vote.  His opponent in the runoff is Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell who won 25% of the vote.

“We look forward to debating on WLOX on June 24 at 7pm,” Palazzo campaign manager Justin Brasell told Y’all Politics on Friday.  “Congressman Palazzo will focus on sharing all he has delivered for South Mississippi as a senior member of the House Committee on Appropriations and opportunities for accomplishing even more in a new Republican majority.”

WLOX, an ABC and CBS affiliate, is the most widely viewed Mississippi Coast television station.

Ezell’s campaign also confirmed the news to Y’all Politics.

“I’m excited about the upcoming debate. I’ve enjoyed the other four debates with the other candidates who are all now supporting my campaign in this runoff because they agree it’s time for a change,” Ezell told Y’all Politics on Friday.  “Congressman Palazzo didn’t show up for any of those previous debates so I’m hoping he shows up this time.”

As Ezell noted, this will be the first time the two runoff candidates have met in a public forum together.  Palazzo did not appear in candidate forums during the initial Primary phase of the campaign, and his six GOP challengers made an issue of his absence while making their appeal to voters ahead of the June 7th Primary.