Flowers was the GOP nominee in 2020. He won 43% of the vote in the initial Primary election. Watch the interview.

Brian Flowers joined Y’all Politics today ahead of the 2nd Congressional District Republican Primary Runoff Election to talk about his campaign.  Flowers will face Ron Eller in next Tuesday’s election.

This interview is part of a Y’all Politics series featuring all six runoff candidates in the June 28th election in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Congressional Districts.  Flowers’ opponent, Eller, was on with Y’all Politics earlier this week.

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Flowers won 43% of the vote on June 7th in the 4-man Primary race, with Eller coming in second at 33%.  Flowers was the Republican nominee in the 2nd District in the 2020 cycle and believes his experience then will help him in this year’s General Election versus Democrat incumbent Congressman Bennie Thompson.

Flowers also told Y’all Politics on Tuesday that Michael Carson, one of the other Primary candidates, had endorsed his campaign in the runoff.

Watch the full interview with Flowers below.