“If this antifa style of rhetoric is what the Cassidy campaign is about, I cannot support it,” said Griffin, who finished third in the Primary.

The third-place finisher in the 3rd Congressional District Republican Primary has endorsed incumbent Congressman Michael Guest ahead of the June 28th runoff.

Thomas Griffin, who pulled in roughly 5% of the overall vote on June 7th, announced on Facebook Tuesday morning that he would be supporting Congressman Guest in the runoff versus Michael Cassidy.

Griffin’s support of Guest comes after one of Cassidy’s supporters supposedly threatened Griffin’s business if he did not support Cassidy.  Griffin identified the woman as Lisa Langley.

“This woman Lisa has convinced me to put my support behind Michael Guest. If this antifa style of rhetoric is what the Cassidy campaign is about. I cannot support it. You can’t threaten people into sharing your beliefs. I want no part of a campaign built on threats,” Griffin wrote on Facebook.

Griffin said he did not sling mud or threaten anyone during his campaign.

“I refuse to be bullied by her liberal group. I stand by God and my principles. So calling me evil and Satan trying to discredit my name will not work,” Griffin continued.  “I answer to God. And only him. I appreciate everyone’s support for me. It was humbling. So with prayers and knowledge of the facts. I support Guest.”

Griffin’s endorsement could impact the outcome of the runoff if his supporters follow his lead and support Congressman Guest.

In the June 7th Primary, Cassidy had 48% of the vote while Guest had 47% of the vote.

Griffin’s 5% could be huge for Guest, especially since the third-place finisher drew between 8% and 18% of the vote in 10 counties:

  • Jefferson Davis 18%
  • Covington 8%
  • Jasper 13%
  • Marion 14%
  • Lincoln 8%
  • Lawrence 11%
  • Pike 9%
  • Jones 14%
  • Walthall 9%
  • Winston 9%