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Judge says Jackson Mayor cannot veto a negative action by City Council

In a special hearing on Friday morning a Judge ruled “there is nothing to veto” in dispute between Jackson Mayor and City Council over garbage contract.

Friday morning Special Judge Larry Roberts heard arguments between the City Council of Jackson and Mayor Chokwe Lumumba regarding the long disputed garbage collector contract that has held the two entities at odds for months.

The primary question at hand: Does the Mayor have the authority to veto a negative action of the city council?

The judge found on Friday, that that position does not have the power to veto a negative action, like the no vote on the garbage contract with Richards Disposal from the City Council.

“A negative action is not subject to a veto; there’s nothing there to veto,” the judge said.

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The contract with Richard’s was originally set by the Mayor when he declared a state of emergency in the city. The contract would have lasted for one year beginning on April 1, 2022. However, this was overturned by the city council and the Richard’s Disposal contract was voted down twice.

The Mayor then vetoed the no vote on the contract. This move was later challenged and which spurred the most recent lawsuit seeking clarification.