The poll was conducted on Thompson’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts but no parameters of the data were indicated in the results. 

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat representing the 2nd District, has released the results of a social media poll conducted by his office to determine the public’s perception of student loan debt relief.  It was done on his social media platforms.

The poll took place on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter between July 1 and July 15. However, there was no insight as to the demographics of those who were reached by the poll or how many responses were recorded. The only data provided by Thompson was a percentage of how many recorded responses were yes or no.

 “A poll recently conducted by my office showed overwhelming support of student loan debt relief. As we move toward the passage of a bill in Congress, I look forward to voting for Student Loan Reform. I will continue to fight for student loan forgiveness,” said Thompson in a statement.

The poll asked the question of whether or not individuals are in support of student loan debt relief.

The poll results showed 95% of Facebook respondents favored the relief while 78% on Instagram and 76% Twitter also backed the action to forgive the debts.

Thompson said that student loans have been mounting for decades, leaving borrowers in severe debt.

“Students are leaving college with insurmountable student loan debt before they even begin to buy a home or land their first job,” said Thompson.

The Biden Administration is weighing options as to how they will address the question of forgiveness backed by Democrats.

Congressional Democrats are also looking to pass legislation aimed at writing off large portions of student loan debt, yet the issue is unlikely to pass in the U.S. Senate where Republicans are evenly split with Democrats.