The public can vote to support the Mississippi organizations under consideration by the State Policy Network.

Earlier this week, the State Policy Network announced that it had shortlisted the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, together with Empower Mississippi, for an Outstanding Policy Achievement Award for their work in securing the passage of the Mississippi Tax Freedom Act 2022, the largest tax cut in the state’s history.

The Tax Freedom Act will return $525 million to Mississippi taxpayers and makes Mississippi the fifth lowest marginal income tax rate among states that have an income tax, and one of the lowest top marginal income tax rates in the Southeast.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy was additionally shortlisted for a national Communications Excellence award for building a mass movement that made change possible through their audio-visual outputs and newsletters.

The public will now vote to decide if Mississippi will win the Communications Award.

“We face strong competition from some of the larger states,” explained Douglas Carswell, MCPP CEO and President. “We really need Mississippians to vote online to make sure that Mississippi wins!”

If you would like to vote, you can click here.

Carswell said they saw an opportunity in bringing many of the key policymakers in state together and creating a coalition for change.

“We published rigorous research and launched a campaign to popularize the case for change. As a consequence, the Mississippi Tax Freedom Act did not just pass in the legislature where it had previously died. It passed with bipartisan support,” he added.

Further details about the Policy Award nomination can be found here while the information on the Communications Award is linked here.