Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

The former lawmaker started the 2022 calendar year with over $105,000 in his campaign account.

Today, Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney dispelled any rumors that he would be stepping aside and not seeking re-election in the 2023 cycle.

Chaney told Y’all Politics that he plans to run for a fifth term of office in next year’s statewide elections.

“I’m running again. To be clear, I’m running again for Insurance Commissioner and I’m asking for your continued support and vote,” Chaney said.

Before seeking the Insurance post in 2007, Chaney spent 15 years in the Legislature, serving in both the House and Senate during his tenure.

Chaney, a Republican and veteran of the U.S. Army, faced no Primary challenge in the 2019 election cycle.  He did have a General Election opponent, Democrat Robert Amos, which Chaney easily defeated by winning over 61% of the vote.

In 2015, Chaney defeated Republican challenger John Mosley in the Primary by drawing over 72% of the vote and was then unopposed in the General Election.

Chaney won both the 2007 and 2011 General Elections with Democrat opposition in those races, pulling in 57% and 62%, respectively.

According to the December 2021 campaign finance filing, Chaney started this year with over $105,000 cash on hand in his campaign account.