The Southern District Commissioner, who says he’s seeking re-election in 2023, also discusses the recent settlement with Entergy. Watch the interview.

Southern District Public Service Commissioner and Chairman of the Mississippi PSC Dane Maxwell joined Y’all Politics on Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics, including his recent vote against the Public Service Commission’s updated net metering rules.

Maxwell believes the updated net metering rules will increase costs for energy ratepayers in the state. The rules passed in a 2-1 vote by the Commission.

Maxwell, a Republican, went on to explain the concept of net metering and outlined his opposition to the new rules related to solar production in Mississippi.  While he is supportive of renewable energy production, Maxwell maintains that it should not be done on the backs of those who do not benefit from it.

In addition, Commissioner Maxwell, who stated that he plans to seek re-election in 2023, provided insight into the recent settlement with Entergy that could result in ratepayers receiving an $80 rebate or credit.  He says that part of the settlement is still pending.

Maxwell also talked about the process to name a new Public Utilities Staff Director and his being elected to as the 2nd Vice President of the Southeastern Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

You can watch the full interview with Commissioner Maxwell below.