The Jackson Mayor believes he can veto a “no” vote by the Council even after a judge called such an action “non-sensical.”

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has filed an appeal in the lawsuit he brought against the Jackson City Council after a judge ruled against him last month.

The new documents were filed by Attorney Felecia A. Perkins with the clerk of the Mississippi Supreme Court on Friday, August 26. He added additional documents on Monday, August 29.

The dispute began after Lumumba filed suit challenging the City Council’s “no” vote regarding a garbage contract Lumumba proposed with Richard’s Disposal. Even after the City Council voted against the contract, Lumumba hired the company to begin picking up the city’s trash in April 2022. He took the position that he could veto the “no” vote with an executive order.

In July, special appointed Judge Larry E. Roberts called the mayor’s suit “non-sensical” and added that “when a matter is not passed by the city council, it is a negative action to which the mayor does not have the power to veto. It’s an inaction; there’s nothing there to veto. The Council did not pass affirmatively a matter; it rejected it.”

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Richards Disposal has been collecting trash for the city since April 1 under an emergency order made by Lumumba. They have a separate lawsuit filed against the city for lack of payment since they have been picking up trash and the Council has not approved payment.

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