Jackson residents still without quality water running through the tap and it is unclear when it will be restored. 

Governor Tate Reeves was joined by other officials to provide updates on the current Jackson water crisis. He and others, including the Mississippi State Department of Health and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, say that progress is being made but things are still not optimal.

He added that there will be continued shut offs and lack of pressure for Jackson residents in order to overcome the challenges that are being faced. The National Guard is being deployed on Thursday to assist with water distribution throughout the city.

The MSDH says water is still not safe for drinking without boiling. You can wash hands, wash clothes and bath without ingesting the water coming from the tap.

Reeves said the state has never managed water systems in local areas. He said they were not fully aware of the issues within the Jackson water system until Monday of this week, when they were granted access after a federal emergency declaration.