Topher, a black artist, also challenged the racist narrative surrounding the water crisis being pushed by the mainstream media.

Mississippi rapper, singer and songwriter Topher took to social media this week to talk about the Jackson water crisis and explain who he says is really responsible for the failure of the city’s water facilities.

In the TikTok video shown below, Topher says the problem in Jackson is not because of Republicans, but rather lays the blame at the feet of the Democratic leadership that has been in control of the capital city for the last several decades.

Topher, a black artist, also challenged the racist narrative being pushed by the mainstream media.

“Mississippi’s capital isn’t being ignored because it’s predominantly black. It’s being ignored because Democrats know that despite the terrible leadership they have continuously shown you guys, you’re going to continue to vote for them. And that’s what I like to call, ‘I can do this with no effort,'” Topher says.

He says it is his belief that city leaders ignored the problem for so long that a state of emergency could be declared and have the federal government pay for it, adding, “But I’m just a rapper.”

Topher goes on to push back on false media narratives and sets the record straight that the tanker truck parked across from the Governor’s mansion was not a personal water truck for Governor Tate Reeves. The Governor’s office has also confirmed that fact despite the social media post that went viral attempting to paint Reeves in a negative light.

Topher also recently released his latest song, “Maga Gang.” You can see a clip of that below.