Renick was nominated after the PSC voted 2-1 to send a letter to President Biden asking for a Mississippian to be appointed.

In June, President Joe Biden (D) nominated Bill Renick of Ashland, Mississippi, to serve on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

The nomination came after the Public Service Commission (PSC) voted 2-1 in March to send a letter to President Biden calling on him to appoint, at minimum, two Mississippians to the Board of Directors of TVA.  Commissioners Dane Maxwell and Brandon Presley voted to send the letter to Biden while Bailey voted against.

However, Renick’s nomination will give Mississippi one seat as he is the only Mississippians to be nominated to the TVA Board.

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On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R), a member of the Committee on the Environment and Public Works, introduced Renick during his confirmation hearing to serve on the TVA Board of Directors.

In his remarks, Senator Wicker praised Renick as the right pick for the agency, touting his credentials as a “job creator” who delivers for Mississippi in a bipartisan fashion, dating back to his days as Wicker’s colleague in the Mississippi state Senate.

Wicker made clear his support for Renick’s nomination in June when the White House announced it, saying Renick has a “proven record of serving our state.”

You can watch Senator Wicker’s introductory remarks below.

You can watch the full Senate hearing here.