The PSC has approved over $1,400,000,000 in renewable energy expansion project investments statewide since 2020.

On Thursday, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley officially signed the order to approve the construction and operation of a solar electric generating facility and battery electric storage facility in Clay County.

Commissioner Presley was joined by Clay County and West Point officials, state legislators, and representatives from Origis Energy to mark the occasion.

“The advancement of this project is a game changer for Clay County and the Golden Triangle,” Presley said. “It will create jobs, boost economic development, and show the world that Mississippi is committed to an innovative approach to renewable energy expansion.”

MS Solar 7 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Origis USA LLC, which is a subsidiary of Origis Energy. The Clay County project will be located near West Point on approximately 2,000 acres of land with an output of 200 megawatts. 

According to a release from Commissioner Presley’s office, the project will generate enough electricity to power 45,600 homes and businesses.

“Origis’s capital investment of $200,000,000 will create hundreds of construction jobs and 3 to 5 permanent jobs,” the release said. “The project will also include a 50 megawatts electric storage facility to store electricity for delivery to the Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”). The facility’s taxable value will result in considerable ad valorem tax revenue for not only Clay County, but for the local school district.”

Since 2020, the PSC has approved over $1,400,000,000 in renewable energy expansion project investments throughout the state. 

Currently, an additional $380,000,000 in renewable investments statewide are under review by the Commission.