“Manufacturing is the engine that powers Mississippi’s economy,” the proclamation states.

In a signed proclamation, Governor Tate Reeves declared Friday, October 7 as Manufacturing Day in Mississippi.

In the proclamation, Governor Reeves said Mississippi manufacturers produce many world-class products and use distinctive production processes to serve markets in the State of Mississippi, the United States, and around the globe.

“Manufacturing is the engine that powers Mississippi’s economy,” the proclamation states. “Mississippi’s manufacturers contributed $17.4 billion in real added value to the state’s gross state product, the highest of any non-farm industry in Mississippi.” 

“Manufacturing Day provides students, parents, teachers, and community leaders a chance to see the promising opportunities in modern manufacturing, and for all citizens to join together in celebrating the many contributions of modern manufacturing in Mississippi,” the proclamation continued. 

Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) President & CEO John McKay said there are more than 150,000 individuals who work in the state’s manufacturing industry.

“Mississippi’s manufacturers are capable of achieving great things. We must continue to support a favorable business climate and to invest in the workforce of tomorrow,” McKay said.

The MMA President & CEO said the best way to build a future workforce is to emphasize the importance of teaching our young people about the variety of career opportunities available to them in the manufacturing industry.

“Early education is critical. That’s why we believe so much in the work being done by the team at Accelerate Mississippi as they try to expand best practices in workforce readiness and career training to meet current and emerging employment opportunities,” McKay continued. “By working together, we can ensure a stronger future for our state.”