It is not confirmed if a special session will be called, but members have been instructed to be on standby for the possibility of being in Jackson on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Rumors that the Legislature would be called in for a special session on Wednesday and Thursday of this week began to swirl amongst lawmakers and capitol staff on Monday morning.

It is unclear exactly what the topic of the session will be, but an “economic development project” has been mentioned by several unnamed sources close to the Legislature.

The only person with authority to call a special session is Governor Tate Reeves. He has typically been reluctant to pull lawmakers in while out of regular session, due to the extra costs of workdays it brings to the taxpayers.

Given that reluctance, and that the 2023 session is just weeks away from beginning in January, it would likely be a major project up for consideration to warrant the call.

Should the Governor make it official, he would set the limited agenda for the special session.

Governor Reeves’ office did not immediately respond for comment.