A total of just over $964 million in projects was approved in Fiscal Year 2022.

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), thanks to an increase in funding and an agency-wide focus on efficiency, the number of projects that were approved to begin construction reached an all-time high in the past fiscal year.

A total of over $964 million in projects was approved in Fiscal Year 2022.

“This amount represents an 80% increase over the previous 5 years and the most that has ever been approved by the agency,” MDOT said. “Projects to replace and repair bridges, resurface roadways, make safety improvements and more are taking place across the state.”

MDOT Executive Director Brad White said all of this is due to the fact they will receive over a million dollars extra thanks to congress and their reauthorization of the Federal Highway Administration as well as additional monies that the legislature gave the Department of Transportation to supplement our programs. 

“So Mississippians are going to see a lot of orange in the future, and I am very proud of the work the men and women of the Department of Transportation have done to see all this to fruition,” White said. “They’ve done a good job and this will help us add to the efficiency and safety of our state’s transportation system and also allow for future economic development opportunities in our state.” 

Tom King, Chair of the Mississippi Transportation Commission, said additional funds invested in transportation mean that MDOT can accomplish more and better fulfill its mission of providing safe and efficient infrastructure for all who travel in Mississippi.

“We are grateful to Congress, the Mississippi Legislature and Gov. Tate Reeves for making these projects possible,” King said.

MDOT said with additional funding and an unprecedented number of approved projects, the public can expect to see more activity to improve infrastructure taking place throughout the state.