Think and Buy Mississippi First this Christmas season by shopping with your local small businesses.

Small businesses all across Mississippi are the heart and soul of their communities, providing unique goods and services while helping drive the local economy, employing thousands of Mississippians, and supporting causes area residents rally around.

That is why it is important to remember to always think and buy Mississippi first and shop with your local small businesses, especially when you’re considering what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Here are a few ways you can help bring attention to the small businesses in your area and drive customers to these Mississippi treasures:

  • Brag about your finds to friends and family.
  • Share social media pictures of where you’re shopping.
  • Ask the small businesses if you can place their flyers at your office.
  • Be a positive praise person and a cheerleader for your local businesses and community as a whole.
  • Include small businesses in your holiday events as vendors.
  • Like and share the small businesses’ social media pages.

When we deck the halls by shopping small, all of Mississippi wins.