Bill of the Day: No more straws for you, unless you ask nicely

The potential for a straw ban has made it to Mississippi. In a bill offered by Senator Simmons (12th) it would prohibit a restaurant...

Bill of the Day: Vaping could receive increased tobacco tax

In Senate Bill 2182, authored by Senator David Blount, it would define an “electronic smoking device” and add that to the definition of other...

Bill of the Day: An act to prevent social media censorship

In a time when some say free speech is being censored by big tech companies, Representative Becky Currie is hoping to prevent that in...

Bill of the Day: Firework sales all year long

Do you long for the crackly of a firework well after New Years or the Fourth of July? Well, this bill could allow you...

Medical Marijuana bill from Joel Bomgar is our #msleg #billoftheday

Most people think serious Republicans are heartless conservatives that have no compassion and don't know how to have any fun whatsoever. Not true. Case...

Leverage UPDATED – A discussion on Conference Weekend in #msleg

The hard part about playing chicken is knowing when to flinch. by Alan Lange

Conjugal visits could be revoked for inmates with MDOC #billoftheday #msleg

No more "nookie" for MDOC inmates By: Sarah Ulmer

Bill of the Day: New age of tobacco purchase moved to 21

In this Bill of the Day, it would attempt to change the legal age for the purchase of tobacco from 18 to 21. HB 227...

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