Lessons from Mississippi Primary Night 2010

It was actually a very good night for conservatives By Alan Lange

The Fix – What to watch for in Miss. primaries

Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico primaries: What to Watch For Meanwhile, two hundred miles to the west in Mississippi's 1st district, state Sen. Alan Nunnelee...

CDISPATCH passes on endorsement in MS-01 R Primary

Get out and vote Tuesday The primary is important because Childers could be in trouble. Republican strategists see the seat, held by a Democrat in...

CA – Alan Nunnelee fires back at 527 Big Labor mailers in MS-01

Nunnelee fires back at mailers Nunnelee spokesman Morgan Baldwin said the mailers to North Mississippi voters came from a Washington post office box linked to...

MIM – Childers Press – We’ve not heard of the group sending the pressers

Childers Press - We've not heard of the group sending the pressers The GOP primary and possible general election in the First took an...

Nunnelee – Travis Childers Resorts to Dirty Tricks to Influence GOP Primary

Negative Attack Mail Reveals Childers’ Partnership with Radical Left-Wing Labor Union The Nunnelee Campaign for Congress has been advised of a sinister liberal campaign to...

Odd statement from Childers on ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Travis Childers (MS-01) issued the following statement on his votes against the National Defense Authorization Act, as well as...

Bill Clinton with Travis Childers

YouTube 4/14/8 hattip MS First Blog

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