Katrina: Taylor insurance bill faces House vote

The Clarion-Ledger Editorial, 9/27/7 Facing powerful opposition by the insurance industry, a bill by Mississippi 4th District U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor to include hurricane coverage...

Kids’ health care on the bubble

The Sun Herald, 9/26/7 A popular children's insurance plan for lower-income families survived another day on its run through the gauntlet, as the U.S. House...

Senator Lott Introduces 18-Month Extension of SCHIP

Senate Republican Whip Trent Lott of Mississippi has introduced an 18-month extension of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. The SCHIP Extension Act...

Race for Pickering’s Seat Tops ’08 Political Agenda

Race for Pickering’s Seat Tops ’08 Political Agenda SUBSCRIPTION ONLY There are a number of areas in the traditionally Republican South where either shifting demographics or...

Insurance bill up for vote

The Sun Herald, 9/25/7 The House is expected to vote Thursday on expanding federal flood insurance to include wind damage, a landmark change brought on...

Bennie Thompson seeks data on DHS conference spending

Lawmaker seeks data on DHS conference spending Government Executive.com 9/22/7

Report says Jackson TSA employees cheated on inspections

Report says Jackson TSA employees cheated on inspections A copy of the report from Inspector General Richard Skinner to Transportation Security Administration director Kip Hawley...

ACLU Says Pickering Bill Treads on First Amendment

ACLU, 9/19/7 The American Civil Liberties Union said today that legislation that attempts to regulate the content of television programs introduced today by Rep. Chip...

Bush AG nominee unknown ‘qualified’

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 9/19/7 Asked about President Bush's nominee for new attorney general, Northeast Mississippi attorneys don't seem to know anything about the...

Shamnesty 2.0 – ‘I have a DREAM’

Shamnesty returns: The DREAM Act won’t die Michelle Malkin 9/17/7 A Little More Info How Dream Act is Amnesty Bill --Gives amnesty to any illegal alien claiming to have...

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