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1 has changed! We have changed our site to YallPolitics. Given the tremendous growth that the site has experienced over the past couple of...

House 66 Race – Brown vs. Wilson

Cecil Brown will have his hands full with Cory Wilson

Gallo Lays Out Case Against Ross

After a shock interview on Supertalk with Lt. Gov Candidate Charlie Ross, Paul Gallo lays out his case.

Statewide Office Races – and predictions!

2007 will be known as Haley's year. But will it carry others across the finish line?

The New

A Guided Tour by Alan Lange

New Site a’ Comin’

New Site a' Comin'

New website in a matter of days.

Lott, Hood: Enemies of business?

by Jack Criss
Publisher of the Metro Business Chronicle

Lott, Hood: Enemies of business?
Are Jim Hood and Trent Lott ideological brethren?

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room
Both candidates will be largely transparent. The question is, which one will Mississippians choose?

EXCLUSIVE Cory Wilson to challenge Brown for House Seat

EXCLUSIVE - Jackson attorney Cory Wilson to challenge Cecil Brown for State House seat.

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