Buck up, Conservatives

BUCK UP, CONSERVATIVES Don't believe the hype. The sky is not falling.

Show Me The Money

Phil Bryant, Charlie Ross, Ronnie Musgrove... the race for Lieutenant Governor starts to heat up.

Handicapping the 2007 Mississippi Election

However you read the tea leaves, remember that the early money and support is the most remembered.

In the Bullpen

When asked about 2007, Tate predictably downplays his intentions. It is fairly obvious that he intends to run again for Treasurer, but as a man who watches over billions of dollars, he plays his cards pretty close to the vest.

Melton Crazy? Like a fox.

Melton, a television station owner for over 20 years, is keenly aware that the cameras are rolling and that reporters are watching his every move. He uses that free media to control the debate and keep the attention squarely focused on the things that matter to him most.

Donkey’s Last Stand

The Mississippi Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to enforce "loyalty oaths" to exclude voters from their June primary. Can you say "poll tax"?

Lyn and Me

Erik Fleming will challenge Trent Lott for the U.S. Senate. So why won't the Mississippi Democratic Party endorse him? Simple: Fleming is radioactive.

Attack of the Republicrats

Is Amy Tuck preparing to switch parties - again - in preparation for a run at the governor's mansion?

I’m Packing But I’m Not Moving: Charlie Ross and the Castle Doctrine

Mississippi is poised to follow Florida's lead in broadening the rights of citizens to defend themselves.

Who’s Next?

The Republican race to be Mississippi's next Lieutenant Governor is down to two men: State Senator Charlie Ross and State Auditor Phil Bryant.

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