How Can This Man NOT Be Smiling?

Accomplishments in week one by Alan Lange

It’s Over – And Just Beginning

by Alan Lange To no one's real surprise, Frank Melton will be the next mayor of Jackson. What is surprising is the margins he...

Go Vote. Again!

Will it be Whitlow or Melton?

Rick Whitlow Gets His Message Out

Recently, traditionally Republican Households began receiving recorded voice message calls from the Whitlow campaign. Whitlow is now putting his resources to work and...

Run, Rick, Run

Could this man be the next mayor?


by Alan Lange What a finish. I know one person who predicted this finish according to his computer models and even he didn't believe it. I can't...

Go Vote Today – @#$&#*&!

Your vote counts!

Why is this man calling you?

Liles Williams Stumps For Johnson

Polling . . . Polling . . . Polling

Who's ahead going into the critical final weekend? Updated 4/30 @ 6:00 p.m.

Did Kim Wade Step Over The Line?

Kim Wade on WJNT "I am of the strongest opinion, having gone to an all-male school, that this man (Melton) is a practicing pedophile. That's my opinion."

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