@Politico pens article on Thad Cochran’s future – Cochran continues to serve undeterred #mssen

Cochran's future in the Senate in doubt “The understanding is that he will leave after Jan. 1,” said a Republican senator who serves on the...

Analysis of Mason Dixon Poll

And what it means for 2018 by Alan Lange

How the shocker in Alabama will affect Mississippi Senate race in 2018

Steve Bannon, you fucking moron By Alan Lange

Former Cochran COS Keith Heard featured in hilarious WAPO interview

He looks just like Steve Bannon, moves in the same circles. What is that like? When did you realize you are a dead ringer for...

@GeoffPender reviews early polling and their implications in #mssen

Has Chris McDaniel's star faded? McDaniel spent waaaay too long contesting and litigating his runoff loss to Cochran, likely burning up some political capital along...

More “purity for profit” goofiness on #2A gun rights – this time in NC

More Lies About HB 69 from False Flag Gun Group “North Carolina Gun Rights” Recently, NAGR’s North Carolina Gun Rights (“NCGR”, which is likely a...

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