10 College Football Recruits You’ll See in the 2013 NFL Draft

Don’t believe the articles and pundits who contest that star rankings and recruiting hype are poor indicators that an athlete will end up as an All-American or a high draft pick.

On a pure percentage basis, many more five- and four-star kids make the All-American rolls and are taken higher on draft day than the bevy of three-star talent across the country. It makes a fine human interest piece, but it doesn’t hold statistical weight.

With that in mind, I’d like to look at 10 players who are destined for a high pick in the 2013 NFL draft (the earliest draft they can enter) based on their talents entering college.

They fit the mold and have the intangibles scouts love at their position. What’s more, they have the luxury of spending their college years honing the talents and refining the skills they already possess, rather than proving the doubters wrong.