10 things I hate about you….College Football

There isn’t much I hate about college football, the world’s greatest sport.
Well, other than the offseason, which already seems months old. (When does spring practice begin?). And game-day traffic. And 8 p.m. ET kickoffs. And bad press-box food.
Put me in a college football stadium press box on Saturday afternoon, and I’m more giddy than a 13-year-old at a Miley Cyrus concert.

But my favorite sport isn’t perfect. I still hate the way college football determines its national champion. I hate that the first couple of weekends of the season produce 63-0 routs of overmatched opponents. I hate that New Year’s Day still isn’t the most meanful day on the college football calendar.
Here’s my list of things I hate about college football:

1. The BCS: It’s too easy a choice, but I, like many college football fans out there, would rather see the national championship settled on the playing field.