Tupelo tea party protest

The people who said they want political leaders to kill the bill said they believe Rep. Chillders will agree.

“We want to show him that we’re willing to take time out of our daily routine to come done here to ensure that he is going to vote no, and to show him that we appreciate his voting no and we don’t want him to forget that we are his constituents,” Amanda Mandel, a Tupelo Tea Party Organizer said.

“If he turns against his constituents then when he comes up for re-election the constituents will turn against him, and I just hope that he will listen to us,” Bill Yarbrough, a protester said.

“His constituents are looking to see what he’s going to do and if he wants his constituents to vote for him he needs to be listening,” Ruth Hammerman, a protester said.

Tupelo Tea Party ralliers said what makes them different is that they’re not supporting one particular party, but they’re supporting what they said is one particular principle.”

“This is definitely all about principles, all about getting back to the constitution,” Mandel said.

One person at the rally said he doesn’t see it that way.

“I look around all of the United States and they’re people without health care and they need it. You know that’s my fight to try to get health care passed,” Mack Turner, a protester said.

Around 130 protesters came to the rally Tuesday, in front of Rep. Childers’ Tupelo office, the majority of the want Childers to vote to do one thing kill the bill.