2008 has brought us some interesting moves in college football’s hiring and firing of coaches. The Indy Sports Examiner thought we’d take a look at some of the more meaningful, if not baffling, recent coaching choices in D1 college football.

1) Auburn hires Iowa State’s Gene Chizik. Wha? In his two years at Iowa State, Chizik went 5-19 and didn’t win a single game in the Big 12 North this year. This is Auburn, folks! ISU fans are furious, Auburn fans are reeling (head on over to the Auburn message boards to get some good laughs) and some are claiming the southern school is racially biased after Buffalo’s Turner Gill was snubbed for the position.

2) Penn State extends Jo-Pa’s contract another three years. The man is 82 and has certainly earned the right to coach as long as he can. That being said, his health is failing miserably and three years may defintely be give or take. We just want the guy to go out on top and fear this year was as good as it gets for PSU.