2008 Hot Seat Ratings: Coach by coach

Below is a list of the CBSSports.com’s Hot Seat Ratings for the upcoming college football season.

Only five coaches have a rating of at least 4, while zero coaches have a rating of 5. Washington’s Tyrone Willingham has the highest score of 4.95 after compiling an 11-25 record in three seasons. Syracuse’s Greg Robinson is second with a rating of 4.5, compiling a 7-28 record in three seasons.

Of the 120 Division I-A schools, 98 coaches are listed in at least a “safe, solid position.” Purdue’s Joe Tiller has no rating after announcing this will be his last season as head coach.

The most secure BCS conference is the Big 12, with an average rating of 1.21. It also leads with four coaches holding a rating of zero — Mark Mangino, Bo Pelini, Bob Stoops and Mack Brown. The Pac-10 is the major conference with the hottest seats with a 2.045 average. The most secure non-BCS conference is the Sun Belt, with only one coach earning a rating of at least 3. The least secure non-BCS conference is the Mountain West with a rating of 2.0, including three coaches with a rating of at least 3.

Three coaches will be entering their first full season with their teams, but already have posted wins and losses. West Virginia’s Bill Stewart won the Fiesta Bowl last season, while Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo lost the Poinsettia Bowl. Bo Pelini won the 2003 Alamo Bowl, taking over when Frank Solich was fired.