2010 Cheese Puff Previews: Mississippi St.

Dan Mullen took over what appeared to be the SEC’s worst team and came within a whisker of getting them to a bowl game, going 5-7 with road wins over Vandy and Kentucky, took care of business against a dangerous Middle Tennessee team (again, on the road) and then walloped Ole Miss 41-27 in the Egg Bowl. Not bad, but if the Bulldogs had scored from a yard out against LSU in the fourth quarter, or not given up three fumbles leading to three Georgia Tech touchdowns, or not blown a second-half lead against Houston complete with a mysterious holding call wiping out a fourth-quarter touchdown, they’d have gone bowling. If there’s a more encouraging 5-7 season out there, I’m not aware of it.
Given the chaotic tatters Sly Croom left behind, that, folks, is one hell of a coaching job. State better enjoy Mullen while they’ve got him.