$422.9M bond bill approved

JACKSON – Both the House and Senate passed a $422.9 million bond bill compromise on Sunday, though not without some debate about the size of the proposal and whether legislators should be issuing debt when there still is no agreement to fund state government.

The bond proposal contains $50 million to improve highways for economic development with $40 million of that total presumably to four-lane state Highway 9 near the Toyota plant at Blue Springs to state Highway 348 north of the plant.

In the House, some argued the four-laning was not needed, but was “a pet project” of Gov. Haley Barbour. Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, said the 18-wheelers going from the Toyota plant north already could travel four-lane highway on U.S. 78 and 45 and the distance would not be much farther.

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