50 things to ponder as college football kicks off

NOT ONLY WILL this report tell you who Brian White is, it also will tell you what he’s about to do for the first time in nearly 2 years.
Lane Kiffin is under everybody’s skin, USC might be vulnerable in the Pac-10 and BYU is hoping history repeats itself.
While 2009 figures to be the year of Tebow, one LSU guy warns us not to forget about his guy. With that, here are 50 things to help prepare for the college football season:

1 By virtue of Tim Tebow’s winning it as a sophomore, this is the first time in history that two Heisman Trophy winners are active in a college football season. And, with the return of 2008 winner Sam Bradford, and runners-up Colt McCoy and Tebow, it’s also the first time the top three Heisman finalists are back the following season.