Lee Harrell Deposition in the McIntosh vs. State Farm Case

From Page 333

HARRELL - A. I asked him (MOORE), well, who's paying
3 you? I know you are not doing it for free.
5 Move to strike as non-responsive.
7 Q. What did he say?
8 A. He (MOORE) said he gets paid at the end of
9 the day.

10 Q. He said he gets paid at the end of
11 the day?
12 A. Yes, sir.
13 Q. Did he ever say how he was going
14 to get paid or by whom?
15 A. We never could figure that one
16 out.
17 Q. Okay. Did Mr. Moore ever
18 represent to you that he was doing any work
19 in conjunction with any Grand Jury?
21 Object to the form.
22 A. Yes, sir.
23 MR. WEBB:
24 Q. What did he tell you about that?
25 A. In that meeting, in my office, he (MOORE)
1 said he was helping Jim Hood with the Grand
2 Jury process.

3 Q. And this is the same meeting where
4 he told you he was resolution counsel who
5 got paid at the end of the day; he also told
6 you that he was helping Jim Hood with the
7 Grand Jury process?

9 Object to the form.
10 A. Yes, sir.

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Posted December 6, 2007 - 3:29 pm

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