5 common denominators of the 11 BCS National Championship teams

USC won’t win the 2009 national championship.
Neither will Oklahoma, Alabama or Utah.
Florida, West Virginia and Virginia Tech might.
Before the residents of L.A., Norman, Tuscaloosa and Salt Lake City start making charges of East Coast bias, they should understand that proclamation is only based on the trends of past BCS national champions.
The 2009 Gators, Mountaineers and Hokies meet the profile of a national champion. The Sooners, Tide and Utes do not. Well, not completely, anyway.

Five common denominators of the 11 BCS national champions were used to determine the teams that are most likely to hoist the crystal ball in Pasadena next January. A half-dozen of the NCAA’s 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams meet all the criteria for each category.