The trial bar has done an admirable job in pushing the "Paul Minor was railroaded" line in the press.

In fact, tort book baron John Grisham has stepped in the fray on multiple occasions expressing disbelief that those who he has been so close to could possibly be guilty ...

Just the other day, an interviewer of Grisham reported . . .

Grisham also believes trial lawyer Paul Minor, convicted in an unrelated bribery case, isn't guilty. Prosecutors maintained loans and campaign contributions Minor gave judges constituted bribes.

Just in case a lot of you have not done your research, here's the indictment on Minor that the Feds proved to 12 properly chosen jurors beyond a reasonable doubt. Read pages 6-9 and tell me that if the following were proven true beyond a reasonable doubt that you still have trouble believing his guilt.

Posted February 4, 2008 - 9:44 pm

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