Childers lands $8 million for district

Rep. Travis Childers, though still a newcomer to the congressional funding game, appears to have learned well based on the $8 million secured for his district in the $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations bill approved by the House Wednesday night.

Missing from the list of district-wide projects on the list, however, are any from DeSoto County.

Despite the benefit to his district — he was one of the biggest winners among Mid-South House members in terms of the number of dollars secured — Childers was one of 20 Democrats to vote against the plan.

Still, the House bill includes $8 million for a host of projects throughout Mississippi’s sprawling First District, ranging from $3.49 million for the second phase of construction at the National Center for Natural Products Research to $38,000 for improvements to the community center in the city of Amory.

Nowhere on the list, though, is money for projects in populous DeSoto County.

Commercial Appeal