A beautiful weekend for football
Greetings Dogs fans. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Athens. Almost cool outside with a steady breeze giving off the faintest hint of fall. Hopefully it’s a prelude to what we’ll have for tomorrow’s game between Georgia and Georgia Southern.
I don’t care who you are but this time of year really stirs the senses. Driving across town yesterday and today, I’ve already spotted several RVs with Georgia flags a-flappin’ coming in on 316 and on the Loop. Even saw a couple of cars with Georgia Southern flags coming through Watkinsville from Statesboro. Word is the Eagles are going to show up in good numbers for this one. I’ve heard from a lot of their fans who are also Bulldogs’ fans so it has to be a pretty cool situation from them. Or confusing.

Last day of the week, obviously, so I want to empty out my notebook of quotes and facts I wasn’t able to get into the paper this week. I’ve also scoured the web for other Georgia and SEC stories of interest and included links here.