Family Security Matters, 12/5/7

Pundits have been confident that Republicans are, at best, long shots to win the Presidency in 2008, and they still may be correct. There is mounting evidence, however, that if Hillary Clinton wins the Democrat nomination, more than one GOP contender would be well poised to win in November ‘08. Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, has long led the Republican Party in the polls, but ex-Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee is the media’s darling for now and is climbing rapidly in Iowa, New Hampshire, and nationally. Giuliani has been able to capitalize on his 9/11 leadership and his strong record of cleaning up New York as mayor while Huckabee resonates with the social conservative wing of the GOP and is well known and liked in the South. Together, they could be the key to another four years of the GOP in the White House.