A lesson in College Football Strength of Schedule

Alabama isn’t on Georgia’s schedule, while Florida is at a neutral site and Arkansas is in Athens. Tack on games against bottom feeders Louisiana and Idaho State and we start to see some of the justification for the Bulldogs’ SOS being considerably mediocre by big conference standards. But they still have to play at Auburn and at South Carolina with a funky midseason road trip to Colorado and also the season finale against Georgia Tech.
When you look at both schedules side-by-side, do you see that much of a difference? Georgia plays your typical SEC schedule while Iowa State’s seem fairly normal but boosted because two teams they would likely lose to no matter what the situation or location are on the road and back-to-back. The big question is, if Texas or Oklahoma played Iowa State’s schedule, would it be the toughest in the country? Maybe that is the point of Phil’s rankings; who you are means more than who you play. But if that is the case, then the formula seems even more flawed than I had originally thought. My brain is fried.