Thank you. First, I want to thank my family – my wife Katie, our children Henry and Madeline. We put 35,000 miles on our car traveling the state, campaigning and spending quality time together. We made a lot of new friends, learned a lot about campaigning at fairs and festivals all over the place, and generally enjoyed ourselves. I also want to thank my parents who are here tonight and who were a big help in the campaign.

It appears that we will come up short on votes this evening, but I remain proud to be a Republican; proud to be in a party that believes competition makes us better and that rewards hard work and perseverance.

I offer my sincere congratulations to my opponent Lynn Fitch and her supporters on a hard fought victory. I offer her my support in the general election and wish her well.

I couldn’t have run for office and made this campaign happen without the support of my wife Katie, our family, friends, and staff. Thank you all for your support and encouragement during this remarkable journey. I am blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who stood beside me as we fought to make Mississippi a better place.

We will go to work tomorrow to help elect Republicans to all eight statewide offices, keep our majority in both houses of the Legislature, and continue our advance in courthouses around our state. I think we raised a lot of important issues in this campaign that will hopefully result in better performance for taxpayers going forward.

I offer my gratitude to the thousands of Republicans we met across the state who believe in our reform message and who believe in working to make our state better. We weren’t successful in this race, but our message is still just as important, and we will continue to push for reform even as we go to work to help elect our fellow Republicans this fall. We will be in touch with you about our plans going forward and will need your continued involvement.

Thank you for all your work for this campaign and for your encouragement and prayers on our behalf. It has meant everything to us, and we won’t forget it.

David McRae Press Release