A look at each Uga mascot
Since 1956, the University of Georgia’s live mascot has come from a line of solid-white English bulldogs named Uga, each owned by Sonny and Cecelia Seiler of Savannah. Here is a closer look at each Uga (with tenure and records):
Uga I (1956-66, 53-48-6)

The dog who started it all, this Uga was a belated wedding gift to the Seilers from one of Cecelia’s friends. He was there when Theron Sapp “broke the drought” against Georgia Tech and was around for three coaches (Wally Butts, Johnny Griffith and Vince Dooley) and one SEC title (1959). He retired
Oct. 22, 1966 and died 18 days later.
Uga II (1966-72, 42-16-3)
He was the first Uga to occupy the “fireplug” abode on the Georgia sidelines. By finishing the 1966 season for his father, he was around for Dooley’s first SEC championship (and two years later for Dooley’s second). After the 1966 season, he participated in the Cotton Bowl parade in Dallas.