A look at some memorable and forgettable Heisman campaigns

* * * THE BEST * * *

— In 2001, Washington State mocked Oregon for paying $250,000 to plaster a billboard of quarterback Joey Harrington in New York’s Times Square. WSU spent $2,500 to install on a silo in Dusty, Wash., a banner touting quarterback Jason Gessar. Harrington finished fourth. Gessar missed the top 10 but swept Dusty.

— Washington State staffers gathered fallen leaves in 1997 and mailed them to Heisman voters. Why? The Cougars’ quarterback was Ryan Leaf, and he placed third behind cornerback Charles Woodson and quarterback Peyton Manning. Kentucky declined to use the same strategy for quarterback Tim Couch, who placed ninth.

— In 1990, Brigham Young sent out blue felt ties in honor of quarterback Ty Detmer. The ties were less than high-fashion, but they had the desired effect. Detmer became the first and only player out of the Rocky Mountain time zone to win the Heisman. Throwing for 406 yards in an upset of No. 1 Miami helped.