In Starkvegas, the offense is offensive
By Bo Bounds

From the Sports Think Tank…..
The Bulldogs were steamrolled by one of the weakest Tennessee teams in school history.
MSU scored 3 points. Reminder: The Dogs scored 2 against Auburn.
The offense is abysmal. Since Croom has taken over as head coach, MSU has yet
to break the Top-100 in offense out of 119 teams.

When you’re relying on 3 walk-ons (on the offensive side of the football) to win you games in the SEC in year 5 – What’s realistic?
Starkville there’s a problem. Btw, I’m all for walk-ons who fall under the radar or overachieve. But in year 5,
the offensive staff has yet to define – who are we? Come on. At some point, every business
or team has to decide – this is what we do and do well. Under Croom, the MSU offense is clueless.

Why is it so difficult to recruit a solid to good QB? Not a serviceable QB, but a pretty good one.
MState fans are not looking for a Matthew Stafford. John Parker Wilson type? Matt Flynn? Riley Skinner (Wake Forest QB)?
Today, compared to 20 years ago, more people are playing football. The reason why UCONN, Wake, Ball State and Utah
can be competitive? More players to recruit! Do you know how many of the kids go to 7-on-7 camps starting in Jr. High?
Youth football is AAU basketball 20 years ago. The Jr. high and high school players play hundreds of 7-on-7 games
by the time they graduate from college. It’s not that hard to find skill players today!

What about Navy and Georgia Tech? Would MState be better off running an option style offense in this State? Everybody
tells me the Big 3 have to hold their own in state. What offense is more conduscive? Run-first spread? Pass-first spread?
Triple-option? Pro style? What “fits” Mississippi high school talent?

When I look at the Top-25 it’s a beautiful thing. Ball State, Minnesota, Kansas, South Florida, Tulsa and Boise State are
all in the Top-25. What is going on here? Parity and players.

A classic quote from Croom’s teleconference this morning: “(Tennessee coaches) told us there were some things they saw in us, told us our game plan was one of the best they’d seen all year, said we just didn’t make plays early on.”

Hello? Are we in the twilight zone? After beating a team 34-3, I would love the opposing teams’ gameplan, too.