A response to Stewart Mandel’s web column attacking Houston Nutt and Jeremiah Masoli

I am anxious to read Mandel’s column in November discussing Masoli’s chances of winning the Heisman Trophy and acknowledging that Nutt made a great decision to bolster an otherwise rebuilding offense with an experienced quarterback custom made to run the Wildcat offense.

But until then, I’m going to re-read this week’s column and point out the many errors in it, starting with…

• Nutt didn’t hire Gus Malzahn to keep a quarterback recruit. He was forced to hire Malzahn by then-AD Frank Broyles because Broyles thought it would appease the fan outcry for Nutt to hire an offensive coordinator (a fan cliche anytime they are not being entertained by enough passes in the offense when the team isn’t winning) and at the same time deliver a heralded quarterback and his overbearing mother.