A-Rod drama returns with Madonna rumors

You should see the view up here from Idiot Hill. How did I get here? Another A-Bomb from A-Rod, that’s how. Let this be a lesson. I’m the genius who wrote a column just last week remarking about how controversy free Alex Rodriguez has been this season — only to get to the ballpark Tuesday and find out that Us Weekly was reporting that Rodriguez is allegedly having an affair with Madonna and has been seen slipping in and out of her uptown apartment in the middle of the night. Her doormen said so.
(What? No Christmas tip?)
I’m not saying I feel silly (read: STU-PID) for being lulled to sleep by A-Rod’s eight-month no-drama period, but I’ve had yogurt in my refrigerator that stayed well longer than that lousy column.

The point isn’t whether the story on Rodriguez and Madonna is true or not. The point isn’t even whether it’s really anybody’s business what Rodriguez and Madonna do in their spare time, when their spouses aren’t invited. And the story certainly didn’t have anything to do with Mariano Rivera’s loss Tuesday night or Joba Chamberlain’s first shaky start or the way the Yankees’ offense never really pieced anything together against Texas for a second straight night on the way to a 3-2 defeat.