A Rough Guide to 2010 College Football via Returning Starters

You’re probably overloaded with schmaltz this deep into the Winter Olympics, but rest assured: college football still exists. Phil Steele’s main goal in life is to remind you of this 365 days a year, so here’s a bunch of data about returning starters for your perusal. People use these things as rough guides to how much teams will progress or regress each year and we’re no different around these parts. A brief rundown of teams that jump out.

Best-timed departure. Congratulations, Skip Holtz: you managed to get out before the bottom (probably) fell out. Back-to-back CUSA champion East Carolina returns all of eight guys, the fewest nationally. If Jim Leavitt didn’t have to choke a walk-on, Holtz would be frantically trying to keep his mojo going before the shine wore off.