A star juicing? We can’t say Jose Canseco didn’t tell us so

Turns out, Jose Canseco was right again. Another prominent player at the wrong end of Canseco’s finger-pointing gets whacked by Major League Baseball’s drug-testing program, and we all feel the initial shock. Then nothing.
Baseball goes on.

Those of us who love the game are numb to it by now. Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro and now Manny Ramirez … turns out they were all juicers. My, oh, my, another black eye for baseball. Except where do you apply the punch to a face already battered by the muscle-bound blows delivered by Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and Miguel Tejada?
”You can get a black eye only so much,” White Sox captain Paul Konerko said. ”It can only get so black.”