Gallo Notes-July 15, 2008

Georgia Representative Lynn Westmoreland was a bit taken aback by the brashness of Mississippi’s newly elected Democrat Travis Childers when he asked him to sign the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” Pledge. Childers said NO in more creative and descriptive terms. Back home shaking hands at a Fourth of July festival Childers placated the “locals” by saying he was FOR drilling. Under the dominance of Madam Pelosi back in Washington, he changes the storyline by slamming any suggestions of voting for any bill that will open up ANWAR and offshore.

How long does it take the people of the 1st District to understand they are seeing two stories on the same issue? Monday, Childers announced a six-point plan that includes brilliant ideas like H.R. 5437 (which he has proudly co-sponsored for obvious reasons). Unlike Senator Wicker’s insane idea of actually “drilling for oil” Childers placates his voters by promising to provide some tax credits for those who carpool and weather-proof their homes and offices. I’m not making this stuff up folks. I can see the price of a barrel of oil plummeting as we speak. Give me a break! I don’t know about you, but gas has to be a lot higher for Billy Bob and me to leave our pickups home and “carpool”.

According to an article in the DJ, Childers said once again under pressure from voters that he is open to the idea of drilling deeper offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Really; then why not jump on board with many other House members and sign the Pledge? Truth is, Travis Childers is telling two tales in two cities, and sooner or later the voters in the First District will close the book on his very, very short story.

Paul Gallo 6am to 9am