Race for Congress: Brad Morris vows to protect the working family

Democratic congressional challenger Brad Morris darkens when discussing what he calls the complete failure of the current Congress and the catastrophic consequences of a Republican agenda.

Spurred by its resentment of the president, Morris said, the Republican-held House instigated a two-year-old stalemate that has sacrificed the country in order to punish Democrats.

And if they gain control of the White House or Senate, he said, the GOP will hobble the core columns upon which the middle-class rests: education, health care and Social Security.

Daily Journal

Race for Congress: Alan Nunnelee offers a conservative view

TUPELO – Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee served his first term in a Congress plagued by the worst political gridlock in recent history, yet called it a success.

His class of freshman Republicans, elected in a national wave of disgust over the status quo, wrestled control of the House. They then blocked the Democratic Senate and Democratic president from passing any more of what Nunnelee calls “failed policies.”

As examples of those already unleashed, he cited the $800 billion economic stimulus plan, the Cash for Clunkers program and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – commonly called Obamacare.